Thomas Loh Dance on the afternoon of the Grand Opening, Oct. 14, 2006. Touchstones Nelson Collection

Programming & Events at Touchstones

Group of Friends Doukhobor Choir

Thursday June 12, 7pm
Admission by donation.

Enjoy the harmonies of the Group of Friends choir, performing in the beautifully resonant gallery space at Touchstones Nelson. The choir, led by Jasmine Popoff, will sing traditional Doukhobor hymns that depict the values of pacifism, love and kindness. Some English songs will also be featured.

The performance is happening in conjunction with the exhibition Sons of Freedom Doukhobors: Photographs from the Stevens Studio. Although the exhibition focuses on the Sons of Freedom Doukhobors, the choir members in Group of Friends were raised in the Orthodox Doukhobor community. This younger generation is moving toward healing the rifts that have separated the reformed and orthodox groups in the past, in the hopes of ushering in a new time of understanding and respect.

Ancient Skills Workshop with Ric Bivar on National Aboriginal Day

Saturday June 21, 1-3pm
Free with cost of admission

Celebrate National Aboriginal Day with hands-on educational activities at Touchstones Nelson! Join ancient skills educator Ric Bivar for an afternoon workshop in the museum, free with the cost of admission. Learn to use tools and techniques that date back at least two million years. Ric will demonstrate how to make a bone cutter using stone tools, and guide participants in making rope out of dogbane, one of the strongest fibres in our bioregion. The workshop runs from 1-3, and is designed for ages 12 and up. Participants must pre-register by Thursday June 19 by calling the front desk at 250-352-9813.

Ric Bivar was born in England from Irish, Scottish and Anishanabek (Algonkiian) ancestors. In 1960 he moved to the West Kootenays, where he practices ancient skills including hunting with handmade bows and arrows, and lighting ceremonial fires for sweatlodges using the bow drill method. Ric also uses local plants for medicine, food, and crafts.

Hands-on activities will also be available for visitors throughout the day in the lobby and museum. Come and expand your knowledge about the First Peoples of Canada; their culture, history and traditional territories.

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